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  • Elegant White

    February 19, 2016

    Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography

    “Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good…

  • Navy Bliss

    February 10, 2016

    Photographer: Karen Stauffer
    I know it’s not just me that enjoys a little navy bliss in her wardrobe. I’ll admit that I don’t have a…

  • Valentines Day Gift Guide

    February 8, 2016

    Who loves Valentines Day?
    I DO!
    It’s just a day about love and we as humans love to be loved?
    Shop these wonderful links and buy your best friend…

  • Pink Snow Bunny

    February 6, 2016

    Finally, a photo shoot in the snow. I’m feeling like a little pink snow bunny that just wants to play and hop around. I’ve…

  • Irresistible Florals

    February 2, 2016

    Photography: Karen Stauffer 
    This floral skirt says something irresistibly powerful about this outfit. Florals are bold, bright, and unique and I haven’t had one thing…

  • Little Red Sweater

    January 29, 2016

    Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography
    Do you wear red and think to yourself  ‘Red isn’t my color’?
    I’m going to say this L O U D and C…

  • Chic Plaid

    January 27, 2016

    Photographer: Karen Stauffer
    Is it just me or does plaid make every outfit look perfect? Plaid looks good with everything and good on everyone. You…

  • Preppy Prepster

    January 22, 2016

    Photography: Karen Stauffer 
    Are you ready to dress for prep school? I’m out of school, done with college, and still missing it. Does it ever…

  • Crushing on Vince

    January 18, 2016

    I’m walking this city with high intentions. Vince has finally found me and I’m obsessed (over heels that is).
    I’ve been crushing on Vince Camuto…