My name is Kierra and I am the 20-something year old fashion blogger behind Naturally Far Out, and I couldn’t be more excited to share my journey with all of you. Naturally Far Out is a fashion blog for women of all ages that love fashion, want to learn more about fashion, and want to shop my affordable chic fashion with the occasional splurge. I have created many ways to shop my fashion, which is through my blog posts and in my personal boutique labeled shop.  Shop Fashion Favourites, Shoe Favourites, and Accessory Favourites. I of course won’t lead you to something I wouldn’t wear myself and my boutique is filled with many items under $50. I also love to talk about beauty, travel, and what inspires me.

Gosh is it just me of have I been wearing a lot of black lately. So not me….lol. I have to get my millennial pink back in my closet, because I’m still so obsessed with the color. I have a new blog post that went live this AM. Check it out and tell me what you think of this super cute pair of denim jeans under $60. #liketkit http://liketk.it/2w1Un @liketoknow.it

More about Kierra:

I graduated from Iowa State University and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer since my freshman year of high school and it stuck with me all four years of high school, two years at a private university, and then on to Iowa State University where I spent three years learning what I have always loved. I feel as a designer there is a lot more to learn, and I’m always ready and excited to learn more when it comes to designing. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and the list could literally go on and on about anything fashion, but I also wanted to share three facts about me that I’d love for you to know.  I love working out and lifting heavy weights, I am obsessed with Teacup Yorkies, and I am the only child. Am I spoiled? Probably!

Connect With Me:

There are many ways you can get connect with me, so here are a few of my social media channels: Pinterest pinning mostly fashion and Yorkies (my OBSESSION, it even makes my boyfriend jealous), Facebook to see more on what I love to do, and of course,  Instagram, which is my favourite place to see all of you.

Follow me while I take this wonderful journey!