Women’s Watches: Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces

Wow, guys! It has been forever since I’ve posted a blog post, but I’m happy to be posting a new post now. My life has been great in so many ways. It’s coming up on a year since I’ve lived in this new place I call home. Each month brings about new challenges, and experiences that I’m excited to tackle. I’m fearless when it comes to doing things for myself.

Sometimes you have to dive into really achieve what you’re going for in life. Out of all the changes I’ve experienced this far in 2019, getting my new job has been the best of them all. I get my day started with my Apple Watch, always. This Unique Apple Watch has been a game changer for me in many ways. I wear it every day. I’m up to working out four times a week and always wear it. I love that the watch does more than just tell time. It’s also fun that I get to switch the bands out.

I got this cool apple watch band from Jord Watches. They specialize in making natural and wooden watches that are timelessly and unique. One very cool fact fact that stuck out to me is they even make their watches from refurbished furniture. That is way cool!

My new rose watch band from Jord is perfect. Pink is my favorite color as I’m sure you all remember (I’ve modeled it enough). The band is leather and I’m surprised how much I really liked it even while working out. I thought it might get a little too hot or sweaty, but no. I will be switching my band back to the leather pink one when wearing cute outfits and I’m excited for that. I’ve only really worn the sports band since I’ve got the watch so switching it up is so needed.

I love this romper too. The mix of green, white, and pink tropical print really go well with the rose watch band.  I think for me, pink will always be my favorite color and I’ll never stop wearing it. So to me this watch band will never go out of style.

If you have an apple watch and want to get in on a fun giveaway head over to my instagram or facebook and enter. You won’t want to miss out on this fun giveaway. You have the chance to win $85 off one of their watches or win a free apple watch band. Either way such a fun giveaway and so easy to enter here.


January 30, 2019



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