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If you have been keeping up with my Instagram stories, I’m sure you have seen that I’ve been going to Skin Body Soul for facial treatments. I have absolutely loved every treatment I have received. The two treatments I have been getting done are microneedling and hydrafacial (and dermaplaning done once). During this whole process I have received a lot of questions through all my social media platforms about the hydrafacial specifically. So I’m finally getting to this post and sharing with you the answer that Angela is nicely answered for us.

Hydrafacial– replenish the oils to get a bounce back to your skin and brighten your whole complexion. It’s great before big events!

  1. What is HydraFacial? What is the whole process?

HydraFacial is going to have six different steps. You’re getting a little bit of everything in a quick 30-45-minute treatment. We’re going to start with a little bit of exfoliation to get the whole top layer of dead skin removed. Then we’re going to go in with a little bit of glycocalyces peel, which is great for clearing out the pores size and tightening in up and evening away any dead skin that will sit on top of the surface. The peel is not a strong enough peel to make you dry or flaky. It’s just enough to brighten up that complexion. It’s also awesome for clearing up acne or break outs. Next, we will go with our extraction step. It will feel a little bit uncomfortable because it typically contains the usage of a metal tool and will pop some blackheads out or whiteheads. But, what we’re going to use is a suction instead, it will be a pain free process. After that we go in to balance and hydrate with the antioxidant step. This will replenish your moisture levels using hydrochloric acid, which will pack your skin with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your skin from radical damage and anything that’s out in the air. We will finish with an LED light, which will push everything deeper.

    2. What is in the suction? Is it just water and other solutions?

This is the first exfoliating step. It has a little willow bark in there for healing, a little lactic for exfoliation. Each serum is different for every step.

  1. How long does a Hydrafacial last? Does it take a week for it to really soak in and see results?

Usual with Hydrafacials you’ll see results immediately, we’re using a vortex tip technology. So, while we’re sweeping everything out of the pores we’re simultaneously infusing all the serums into the skin. Results will be very quick, you will notice results after a week or two. The longer you do the treatments the longer it will stay in your skin, and will naturally look a bit better.

 4. Is it good for all ages?

Yes, it is. It’s suitable for young teens to get rid of bad acne and scaring to women who want to get rid or soften blemishes. We customize the settings to the person, so it is suitable for all ages.

5. Afterwards is there a specific serum that should be used?

Not at all, all the serums put on will be infused in every single pore and when we’re done with the treatment we’re going finishing off with our daily routine which will be the night time moisturizer and a little extra hydrochloric acid. Keeping it nice and protective and you can go home and get into bed straight away if you want.

6.How does it feel and is it painful?

No, it’s not painful at all but it is interesting!

7. What does the peel solution do, and does it get rid of pores?

The peel solution will disperse itself, and it is going to put it around the skin. It will also help with discoloration and lighten up pigmentation or dark spots. It does a little bit of everything in one facial. It does make the pores smaller. Pores are genetic, and they produce their own oil, it’s how our skin naturally produces more cells. There are lots of things you can do to make them appear smaller and help make them stay nice and cleared out. Toners are a great daily home care, it will also help clear out any makeup as well. Extra exfoliation two-three times a week. It will help keep the dead skin off, so it doesn’t get clogged easily. Monthly maintenance is recommended and a good toner as well to help them stay nice and small and firm too.

8. Would the results last longer to those that does not wear a lot of makeup?

It depends on how well you take care of your skin. Yes, if you have no products on and always have a natural look then there’s nothing getting in there to clog it up, so it will stay fresh a little bit longer. If you’re someone that wears a lot of makeup, if you’re doing your routine at home (wash your face!) you’ll be fine.

9. How long does a hydrafacial  take?

It takes usually about 30-40-minutes but for someone that has more acne it would take up to an hour for the whole process to be done because there are more focus areas to take care of.




October 11, 2018