Sitting Poolside

I am sitting poolside on a day like today and loving it. The weather has been very rainy lately, which I don’t have a problem with… if it’s my day off, and I can relax. Today is definitely a good day to do that. I had to have a reason to get outside and wear at least one of my new swimsuits. I am really enjoying this animal print one on a day like today. I love that it matches my hair.

But on a serious note, I was not so sure about either of these swimsuits. At first they seemed thin and see-through once I held it up. Little did I know the awesome science behind these cute swimsuits. The swimsuits from CoolTan  are made from Microsol fabric making them a great suit for the hot summer days out by the pool or beach. If you decided to jump in or decided to sit poolside, you will remain comfortable.  Microsol fabric also helps keep away those silly tan lines know one appreciates.  Once I read that I think my jaw about dropped. I just don’t know where people come up with these cool ideas.

I would have never thought of something like that. The swimsuits did seem sheer and see-through at first, but you can’t see anything at all and that surprised me. Either way, I’m loving both designs and the fit. The safari one piece monokini suit really caught my attention when shopping. The blue aztec triangle top bikini and string bottoms is a new style for me. I’ve never had tied swimsuit bottoms like this one, and I must say it is one I have to get used to. They just show a lot more than I’m used too.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little out of my comfort zone, and I’m happy that Cooltan is showing me the new way to wear a swimsuit. Lighter fabric and the suit acts as a medium level of sunscreen. Don’t worry- I’ll still be rocking the sunscreen today. It’s about to get over 100 degrees.

Safari 1PC Monokini Suit

Blue Aztec Triangle Top Bikini

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June 26, 2018
July 5, 2018