Edgy Look For Day And Night

It has been way too long since I’ve done a blog post, and I am feeling bad about it. As of lately, life seems to be getting in the way, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s just that new experiences and opportunities have come my way, and I’ve decided to take them in. It’s crazy how that happens sometimes, but this summer I am hoping to post more and be more involved on all my social media accounts.

Since this is my first post of the month, I thought I’d go with an edgy look, which good for day and night. You can even makes this look transitional piece like I did. This past weekend, I styled it with a leather skirt and some boots. For this look, I’ve decided to wear white distressed denim with my Adidas All Stars, and also wear my black suede heels to show how this look can transition.

I know this shirt can make a lot of people uncomfortable, because it can be somewhat revealing, but I’ve seen a lot of girls of all shapes and sizes try on this top and look great in it. It kind of reminds me of the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, but with a crop top tie shirt instead. This top was something that even pushed me out of my comfort zone. I don’t feel 100% in my body (which I’m working on), but sometimes its great to get out of your comfort zone. ┬áI also decided to get this top in gray, which I love and haven’t worn yet, but it will be a summer staple I can already tell.

What are some of your favorite summer staples? I also love rompers, because they are easy, and yet they come in the cutest patterns ever.  Rompers too, are yet a very easy look to transition from day to night. I feel like in the summer my plans always change so fast and that usually involves going out to eat, going to a winery , and other fun summer activities. I need those cute transitional pieces that can go from day to night.

As always, thank you for reading.


March 29, 2018
May 21, 2018



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    May 21, 2018

    Girl, you look fabulous! I love this edgy crop top on you! And I bet it looked fabulous with your leather skirt too. I don’t wear crop tops too often but this is definitely the type of crop top that I would wear! We need to catch up soon. Hope you have a great week beautiful!

    xo, Jackie

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      May 31, 2018

      Thank you so much and yes we really do have to catch up super soon. It has been way to long.