Black Velvet

I am getting ready for my Houston, Texas travels in this black velvet set. It will definitely be packed in my bag. I’ve decided I’m only taking a carry on, because I’m only going for a long weekend. Regardless, I know I’ll overpack, because what girl doesn’t overpack? You just never know what the weather will be like. My friend also just told me that I should leave room for clothes I might bring home after a little shopping trip, which I hadn’t even had in mine to save some space.

I hope that it is warm and sunny, because I need a good tan. I’ve been buying a lot of clothes lately for this trip and for summer too. I am obsessed with summer fashion. I know people love fall fashion and there is a lot of fun to fall fashion, but to me less is more. I love skirts, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, and the list goes on. I’m really trying to change up my fashion this summer with styles that are cute, kinda of basic, adorable, and affordable.

Even though spring is right around the corner, and the temperatures are somewhat starting to warm up, I’ll be rocking this look more than once. I am obsessed with velvet (which you all know) and my new Timberland boots are my favorite. I still need to get some protectant spray. You should have seen me, on my way to take these photos some grass or dirt clippings decided to get all over my boots. I viciously wiped it off and Michael even helped, because I was freaking out. It came off without a problem and didn’t stain the pink, which I was so grateful for. I have to wait to wear them till I get them protectant, because the risk is so not worth it. I’ll just add this problem to the list of my first world problems!

As always, thank you for reading.


March 2, 2018
March 29, 2018