Less Is More

When it comes to “things”, less is more. Nothing can come between me and a good winter coat that I can have for years. I’ve actually had this one for over two years, and it still looks brand new. The quality is wonderful, and DKNY is a wonderful brand. I had a spring jacket from them when I was much younger, and that jacket held up extremely well. These days, I’m going for quality over quantity. I want only good personal items that I know are going to last me. Some go for quantity over quality, but I’m getting tired of keeping up with it all.

This concept didn’t really cross my mind until last year when I was tired of all this stuff I had in my closet. I had clothes that were horrible in quality, purses I never wore, and shoes too. Life can become a hassle when you don’t have a use for what you have anymore. I haven’t only been dealing with this in terms of shoes and accessories — I’m looking to downsize my whole life. Less is more!

I feel that, from head to toe, this outfit is of wonderful quality. Especially my leather brown Steve Madden boots that I’ve had for over two years now. They still feel and look good as new, and that’s what I’m going for when it comes to my less is more change. I am getting rid of all my ‘stuff ‘ and filtering it out of my life. Having less stuff makes me feel a cool type of freedom that if I had to leave everything I own tomorrow I could. I wouldn’t have to take my bed, desk, and dresser. Just my clothing and shoes would be enough. The sweater and jeans are linked below. I am loving the fit of these jeans. They’re high-waisted and so flattering. The sweater being cropped is so fun too, it still keeps me warm with this cold weather we are having.

As always, thank you for reading.


January 2, 2018
February 21, 2018