Waterpark Wednesday-5 Tips for a Great Day at the Waterpark

Who doesn’t like water parks, they are so much fun. I am so excited to spend my day hanging out with my best friend and going to a fantastic water park. While at the water park I will be working on my tan and having a fantastic time.  There are many water slides, water coasters, wave pools, and lazy rivers to spend my time in.

When going to a waterpark you must be prepared for many different situations. It is important to bring the proper essentials  that I have listed below.

5 Tips for a Great Day at the Waterpark:

1. Take sunscreen and wear it! If you want to prevent wrinkled skin and melanoma it is very important. I tan very easily and I never burn but I still take time to put on sunscreen to keep my skin healthy. Melanoma is one of the seven most common cancers in the United States and an estimated 9,940 people will die of melanoma this year.  Check more Facts out at Skin Cancer Foundation

2. Bring water if you can. It is very important to stay hydrated in heated conditions. The night before you go you should fill your water bottle half full and stick it in the freezer and then in the morning add more water. You could also just freeze the water bottles and use them as ice packs to keep food cold as well. If you can not take water bottles in the waterpark make sure you bring money to purchase them.

3. Money is always good. Don’t bring much though especially if you don’t rent a locker and no one is sitting by your belonging that you know.

5. Sunglasses are very important. Make sure your glasses have UVA/UVB Protection.

4.Bring a change of clothes. This is very important for after you are done at the waterpark. It is also important to shower and get the chlorine off of your skin. Bring conditioner too, it is always good to keep your hair in tip-top shape.


My Waterpark Outfit of the Day

Romper(Target) /Swimsuit (Victorias Secret) /Flip Flops (Old Navy)


June 30, 2015
July 2, 2015