Tommy Girl

Ever since I’ve worked at Tommy Hilfiger,  I most definitely consider myself a “Tommy Girl”. I am in love with Hilfiger now that I have worked there. When I was younger I used to wear a lot of Hilfiger clothing and of course there smell good called Tommy Girl. When wearing that perfume I always felt like such a young lady. 🙂 tommyh3

I’ve always been intrigued by Hilfiger clothing. It was always so fun and different to me compared to any other brand like them. Now, I can’t believe I have worked for them and have learned valuable skills from them. They really paved the way for what is to come in my future and I can’t thank them enough.  tommyh2 What I’ve decided to wear on this casual Saturday is this Tommy Hilfiger shirt dress. I love the brightness of the red and the white tubing around the sleeves, collar flaps, and going down the sides of where the buttons are placed. There is a count of 4 buttons for any amount of coverage you may need. It all just depends how you want to style it.  tommyh tommytommy2 The sunnies are also Tommy Hilfiger. They’re red, white, and blue ( I should have worn them for the 4th). I totally forgot I had them until I looked into my shoe box full up sunglasses. I probably have way to many but to me I don’t have enough.  tommytommy1 Tommy Hilfiger Outfit Details

Tommy Hilfiger Casual T-Shirt Dress…

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July 24, 2015