Q&A with Lucille

Name: Lucille
From: Texas

1. How long have you been into weightlifting?
I have been weightlifting since freshman year of high school.  I have always been very small framed and never really had to exercise a lot because I have such a high metabolism.
2.  Have you always been an athlete?
I have always been a runner.  In elementary school I was one of our schools best long distance runners and I much preferred to run bare foot.  I also played volleyball from junior high through some of high school, but continue running to this day.
3. Do you want to become a body builder and compete in competitions?
I have never had the desire to become a body builder or compete in competitions.  I love to go and support my friends who do compete in them (many do).
4.  Why did you start weightlifting?
I started lifting weights because I had always been a “skinny girl” but I wanted to be more toned out.  I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment seeing my weight gain due to muscle build.  For 6 years I was stuck at the weight range 98-100 lbs.  I am now at a weight of 105lbs and hope to keep gaining weight at a healthy rate.
5.  What are some of the most challenging things for you when it comes to weightlifting?
One of the most challenging things I face with weight gaining is my frame.  I am naturally small, so gaining any sort of weight (whether it be fat or muscle) has always been a difficult task for me.
6. Do you have a support group?
I have the BEST support group in the world!  My 4 main girlfriends back home in Texas are ALL health and fitness nuts, so we keep each other in line.  My parents have always supported me, no matter how strange it is.  However, They only support me in spirit since I am from Texas but go to college at Iowa State University.  My REAL support group are my absolutely wonderful friends that I have made at school.  Almost all of them share the same passion of fitness and weightlifting, and many even compete in shows.  Some are nutrition majors and help me find healthy eating habits.  Some are personal trainers and always make sure my form is on point.  This way of life that we share has brought all of us so close together, almost like we are family.  We all have each others back.  I could not have asked for a better group of friends than the ones that I have been blessed with.  Oh, and I can’t forget the amazing boyfriend.  He is a soccer player at his college, so you better believe he keeps me in shape.
7.  What are some tips you can give to people who are just starting the weightlifting process?
One very important tip that I can give is to be patient.  Results come with time and consistency.  Don’t think one trip to the gym means you will have muscle definition the next day.  Don’t think that training one week before a summer vacation means you will have that beach body you have always dreamed of.  Don’t think that one salad makes you a healthy eater.  You have to put in the time and effort to see the results you want.  Being fit is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.  The excuse of “I have no time to go to the gym” is not a good one.  The days I can’t make it to the gym I do sit-ups, squat jumps, burpees in my house.  There is always time.  In between commercial breaks of your favorite television shows, do 20 push-ups.  Your biggest supporter and your biggest critic is yourself.
8. What are some myths about weightlifting?
Girls….do NOT think that by lifting weights you are going to become so muscular that you look unattractive.  You should want to lift weights for yourself, not so the boy in Advanced Microbiology class will notice you.  If muscle gain is what you are afraid of, stick to the light weights.  No one ever said you have to lift heavy to see results.  Swimming is a great way to stay fit.  No weights needed and it works every muscle in your body.  Gather up some friends and go play some sand volleyball, that’s what my friends and I love to do in the summer time.  Although, I don’t know many boys who would say no to a girls with a booty 😉


July 19, 2015