Q&A with Emily

Name: Emily

From: Illinois

1. How old where you when you became a mother?

I was 19 years old when I had my son.

2.What is it like to be a single mother?

It is definitely a challenge that I never thought I’d have to face. The whole responsibility is on you and this little life depends on you and no one else for absolutely everything that he wants and needs. The past couple of years of being a mother has shown me something huge….that we as human beings are capable of a lot more than we know. This little miracle of life has pushed me, and because of him I’ve pushed myself to work hard, grow, and overcome things I never knew possible that I could do! 🙂

3. Are you in college or have you graduated from college?

I started college a couple weeks after my son was born and am still in college. I have been enrolled in an online program, which was incredibly convenient to do as I’ve been working and attended college since my son was born. My son just completed his first year of pre-school this past year and did great so in the fall I’m going to go to a college campus and complete a degree that I am super passionate about and is a lot easier to complete on campus. Although going to college while working and being a new single parent is incredibly hard, I don’t know if I would be as driven to go if I didn’t have my son to give me more of a purpose to be a great example for him to do it. I also take my decision to transfer more importantly because of him. I want to be an example for him that no matter what the obstacle, don’t give up, and don’t let any trials get in the way of believing and striving for your dreams!

4. What are some of the trials and tribulations did you go through with being a single mother?

Instead of having another person to depend on helping with my son, I have to figure out working and doing school work around day care hours, finding a way to pay for day care, and asking my family to help. I am so blessed to have my family but it is a lot to ask of them at times. Now I won’t lie, there are times when it is nice to be able to make all the decisions for my son and not worry about having to agree with someone else about them 🙂 There are however times when I wish I had another person having my back to make dinner when I have a test to study for, to help read up on the latest car seat recalls and give another opinion, and that my son had a permanent father figure to look up to.

5. What has been the most rewarding thing of becoming a mother at a young age?

I have to say, one of the most exciting things about having a child so young is the idea of not yet reaching 40 when he graduates high school! 🙂 I guess I’d have to say the most rewarding one though is opening up my eyes to how bad things really aren’t and how great life really is. There have been times I sold old phones for gas money to get to work and days I prayed for the next time our snap food card would get reloaded, but all of that stuff really doesn’t matter at all. GOD ALWAYS PROVIDED, and he always will. There is nothing more breathtaking, beautiful, and unbelievable as the face of the little man I get to see everyday and no matter what we have each other and life really can’t get much better than that. It doesn’t matter the age or how prepared or unprepared one may be, God gave you the greatest gift and the best way to overcome any obstacles the greater the example you’ll be and the more you’ll grow together! 🙂

6. Is there anything else you would like to share with other young mothers or young single mothers?

If I may I’d like to shout out to young mothers out there: be sure to reflect and learn from your mistakes but don’t be too hard on yourself. Every parent is learning as they go along and new stages, developments, and ages are constantly happening as children grow that’ll seem new. Also, have faith in yourself…YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Think of the late nights of no sleep and long days of not listening and countless time outs as challenges you’d love to overcome! If you are young know that the adult life has only begun, and though some achievements may seem small they’ll soon add up to be huge and things will change, life will progress!!!!! Be proud of yourself for those you do overcome and selfless for your child even more during the times it’s hard to be. Remember we are capable of so much more than we think! Have faith in yourself! 🙂


July 9, 2015
July 11, 2015