Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July (Independence Day)!
I hope you all have a fantastic day and have some great plans for the day. It is lovely out here and no rain in the forecast. I had a crazy start to this weekend and blew a tire on the side of the road last night, all is well.  I’m happy I’m safe and was able to get help as fast as they could come. But anyways I know it can be a busy day for all. I love hanging out with my family and joining in on my hometowns celebration. I haven’t been able to celebrate with my family for two years in a row now and this year I will be away too so that makes it three years. I did get to see my family this past week though so that made up for it.

I’m away on a weekend get away with my boyfriends family at their condo and I’m so excited to start the day and get in on the holiday celebration (I’ll post more about the trip later). I hope to get some amazing photos.

So today we must support, I love to see everyone dressed up in Red, White, and Blue.

I also can’t wait to share my weekend get away with you all and share my new clothes I got this past week. Stay tuned!


July 2, 2015