Florence Stole My Heart

I seriously don’t even know where to start! Living in Florence, Italy has been the biggest highlight of my life up to this date. It was something I had to work hard for and I had to pave a path to get there. I funded the trip myself which included my schooling I received when I got there, apartment living, everyday needs, and of course clothes. It wasn’t an easy thing to plan but with the help from my Iowa State University advisor it was easy to apply for summer classes and then get a plan together. 

livingitaly The main reason I was able to live abroad was because Iowa State University has great connections with colleges abroad. This is only one of the reasons I decided to going to Iowa State University. When In Florence I studied at Accademia Italiana, a very prestigious art school were I learned skills I’ll never forget. My hand drawn illustrations dramatically improved and so did my eye for European fashion. livingitaly0 When in Florence I explored a lot. I made sure I wasn’t wasting my time sitting indoors on the computer or watching tv. I love exploring and my workouts also took me to new heights of seeing new things. I feel there were always new sights to see and new experience right around the corner.  I went out to eat almost every night and made sure to go to different restaurants.   livingitaly9 Everything in Florence is very close together. It’s considered a smaller city. It only took me 15 minutes (or less) to walk to class and then after that I would go explore with the other study abroad students. I did travel to other cities within Italy but I will tell you more about that later. After class I would do a lot of shopping and window shopping. Shopping in Florence is amazing and there are so many stores to shop that aren’t offered in the US.  livingitaly6 One thing I don’t regret at all is eating Gelato everyday. Let me tell you it is one of those foods you will never get sick of and it doesn’t compare to ice cream. Gelato is way better! There are so many gelato shops with so many flavors to choose from, you wouldn’t have to repeat a flavor. I’ll never forget one of my biggest mistake I made and I will let you know that mistake now. My roommates and I went to a gelato shop close to Ponte Vecchio because we didn’t have any euros out of the ATM at that time. We went in ready to get some fantastic gelato without looking at the prices, with this being said we ended up spending over $10 US Dollars for that one cone of gelato. We definitely looked at each other and said NEVER AGAIN. Gelato isn’t that expensive, I probably only spent 5 euros or less for good gelato from many gelato shops, so this came as a surprise. italyliving3 The buildings are gorgeous and so different from what I’m used to. Everything looks so ancient and antique like. If only I was blogging at this time I would have got amazing photos with my italian outfit purchases. I ended up buying two new pairs of sandals because the streets in Florence are made of cobblestone and they really beat up my shoes. The new sandals I bought got beat up too and there is only one pair I might be able to save.  livingitaly1 To end this post I thought I would pick the sunset. Whether the sun is rising or setting Florence is beautiful regardless.  Florence stole my heart and I would love to move back and stay forever.



July 24, 2015