Geometric Chic

For the love of Geometric Chic, this tank top is a cute one. All the bright and bold colors can really make a tank top stand out. I wish there were more clothing items with geometric prints like this one I’m wearing. When shopping I seem to never find much for geometric prints and that concerns me. Geometric prints are a play on colors and with me being into fashion, colors are a big deal.


If you look at the shirt from the front it looks a lot like looking through a kaleidoscope. The colors really pop out and make your eyes a little dizzy.  flowernblueback

Looking at the back I love the simple laser cutting detail on the back of the tank top. It really adds to the design of the tank top. You can’t tell a difference in fabrics and the shirt is all together a comfortable wear.  flowernblue8

As for the shorts, they are so comfy. I bought them at Forever 21 and I’m so happy I decided to pick these up to add to my closet. I love the royal blue/cobalt blue color and knew if I wanted to grow the colors in my closet I had to get these. flowernblue7

These shorts are very stretchy and fit nicely to the body. I wish there were more colors to choose from, I would have bought every color in these shorts if they offered. flowernblue3 A pair of adorable sunglasses I bought at a cute boutique!

Sunglasses (boutique)/ Fight Like A Girl (way cooler)

Geometric Tank Top (gift)/Geometric Tank Top (similar)

Royal Blue Shorts (sold out)/ Lucy Love (similar)