Tommy Hilfiger Internship

So many of you probably don’t know this but last summer I lived in New York City for an internship with Tommy Hilfiger Corporate. I was a Technical Design intern there and it was an incredible experience and an experience I will never forget. The Tommy Hilfiger atmosphere is hands down AMAZING. Everyone there is so nice and very helpful. They always seemed excited to teach me new things and they were also excited for the extra help (intern life ­čÖé ).

While interning at Tommy Hilfiger there were task I would have to completely daily and I always wanted to get more done then what they had given me. I love that I got to see the design side of things and was able to work with them and communicate with them during clothing fittings. If you aren’t into fashion design you may not know what fittings are so I will tell you. Fittings are when three groups come together as in merchandisers, designers of the garments, and the technical designer. Technical designers check out the fit of the garment and make sure the garments looks good on the body and will make changes if needed. I loved being apart of this whole process.

The atmosphere of Tommy Hilfiger was one of my favorites things about the internship. People had tattoos and piercing and not one person passed judgment or commented on the fact that it was showing. I feel it is important to have self-expression and to judge someone for what they choose to do to their body is beyond me. If you want tattoos in places people can see it, so be it. If a job can’t accept you for your piercing or tattoos that isn’t the right job for you.


I never did run and get coffees or lunches for my bosses or coworkers. They hired me as a technical design intern and that is exactly what I did. You hear all these horrible internship stories about barely doing anything and only making coffee runs and getting your bosses lunches. So happy this didn’t happen to me and I came back to my university ahead of the game.

There was one thing out of the ordinary that I wasn’t used to and that was the SAMPLE SALE. Ladies and Gents, ┬áSample Sales are your best friend, never let them down. I received so many thing, here is just a small list: clothes, purses, wallets, hats, trench coat, winter coats, sweaters, scarves, ect. I seriously got so much it is hard to list it all. I’m amazing at packing (roll all your garments to make room) ┬áso I filled a bag for $10 of all Tommy Hilfiger and walked out of there the happiest girl on the planet.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.19.58 PM

(P.S. This is what good finds at a Sample Sale looks like!)

This ┬ámay sound weird but I don’t even remember applying for this internship and when I received the opportunity through email to interview┬áI was so shocked. I interviewed and got the internship right on the spot which I wasn’t expecting either. I took it the day of and new from the beginning, this was one of the best opportunities I had been given and I shouldn’t give it up.

So when you’re out there looking for jobs or internships in your field. Never give up and keep after it. Things will fall into place when they are most needed and remember all good things take time.


June 25, 2015
June 27, 2015