Home Sweet Home

Today I travel back home to my hometown, the town I grew up in, the town that I will always call home. I grew up in a very small town (less than 2,500) where everyone knows everyone and footballs games are the most exciting thing to go to on a Friday night. Going back home always brings back good memories and makes me think of how I grew up, and who I am today because of the community I grew up in. 

In many ways your neighbors are the ones that look out for you and you do the same. Everyone is very friendly and never afraid to wave at strangers (many city people get shocked by this). For miles sometimes all you see are corn and soybean fields.  There is a total of about 5 restaurants and you can’t forget about the franchises: Subway and McDonald’s (I’ve worked at both). To get to any kind of shopping center like Walmart, it will take you about 25-35 minutes. To get anywhere bigger then my hometown you must have a way of transportation. There are no buses, taxes, trains, or subways. All I can say is I’m sure our air pollution is not as high which is good.

I knew everyone in my grade and didn’t have a problem with it, I still see my elementary school teachers around town and they remember me. Our school lunches were excellent in all school. My high school is only one level which now that I have been to college, I can’t believe a school building could ever be that small. When I thought it took forever to get out of a high school basketball game parking lot boy was I wrong, going to a Division 1A college has really change my perspective on that one.

But I could sit here and tell you things all day but that wouldn’t get me home. So I shall get on the road now!


This morning I am traveling home with my Tommy Hilfiger gear that I purchased everything at their Sample Sale when I was an intern at the Corporate Office in the Technical Design department. Even now they have so much to choose from.

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