Healthy Lifestyle

If your like me I love working out. I have been involved with sports since I was in preschool. I started with soccer and then went on to other sports. I played basketball, volleyball, and some softball in middle school. Then in high school I moved on to cross county and track and field and did two years at my university I attended as well.

With running, it is definitely a love hate relationship. Who else agrees with me? But the best part about running is the staying in shape part. I love the way it feels to be in shape and feel good about

yourself. I also enjoy eating whatever I want. I have always thought I was to muscular but I’m learning to love it. I have been muscular since day one and you will probably never see me looking like a string bean. I’m just not built that way.

I now just lift weights and sprint and it has me in the best shape I’ve ever been in toning wise.  I used to be afraid of lifting weights because I didn’t want to get to big and bulky. But when looking into a lot of articles I realized that lifting weights actually doesn’t make you bulky, did you know that? Here is an awesome read “Ladies: Lifting Weights Won’t Make You Bluky”. Lifting is a great sport and I really enjoy it. My favorite workouts are squats, wide leg squats, and deadlifts (gotta get that nice booty 🙂 ).

Along with working out comes healthy eating, which I’ve noticed this can be hard for many people to do. It is all about making the right diet to go along with your workouts. You need a lot of protein and veggies to get that lean look many of you are going for (and myself as well). You can never have enough protein.

Outfit Details:

Tank Top/ Long & Lean Tank

Leggings/ Nike Women’s Hyperwarm Mezzo Compression Tights (I could not find my pair of tights in the bright pink. A lot of places say they are sold out. They are so comfy and I love working out in these for doing any sport.) This color is just as cute!

Shoes/ Nike Outlet



June 21, 2015