Edit your thoughts when needed

This my look weird

But I am here to tell you something. A few months back I decided that I wanted to start a fashion blog and that I wanted it to be something I absolutely loved doing. It took me awhile to find out all the fine details of starting a blog, how I wanted it to look, and most importantly what I wanted to share. I still sometimes ask myself these questions, but with more confidence because I have taken the steps forward to make this blog a success.

I am so happy I decided to start a fashion blog because fashion is a big part of who I am and has always been since day one. The picture above is my digital camera and my iPhone. These are the electronics that make all this happen (oh and my laptop). I was so worried about not having a professional camera that it made me not want to start a fashion blog. I know my pictures could turn out better if I had a professional one, but I told myself, ” You have to use what you have and in time you will get a better one”. There is always room for improvement which I’m sure we have all heard again and again, but to improve there must be practice and practice will only make you better.

So what I want all of you to know is don’t let anything hold you back from what you truly want. What you want is most important because we don’t live forever and our time here is short. If you want to become a writer who says you need a laptop to write? A pencil and piece of paper would work just as good and plus that’s the way it should be done anyways. I want you to believe in yourself and know that you will only get stronger from the obstacles you may face. I’ve already faced a few obstacles myself and it has only been about 2 weeks of having this fashion blog. I wouldn’t trade the obstacles for anything because I know I truly want this. There will be many obstacles I will have to face, but I know that it will only make me stronger.

Just remember to always keep your head up and know what you want. Have that clear picture in your head and edit your thoughts when needed.