Crop Top Talk

As I post more you will all notice that I am IN LOVE with crop tops. I think they are the cutest thing on the market and they should never go out of style. You can find crop tops at about any story anymore and they can honestly go with any outfit. It is all about how you dress them up and for what occasion you are wearing it for.

Crop tops have been around since the 1940s and have always made a come back. They didn’t reach their peak until the ’70s and ’80s with pop culture. This is some awesome information to know and possibly information you didn’t know. Since we live in the happenings of today we often don’t think about the past decades of trends and how they have made a come back and keep repeating. Anymore crop tops are in many different styles, fabrics, and colors. You just can’t go wrong!!

Shop these cute styles below.

Barefoot Cay Strappy Mint Green Crop Top

Strappy Halter Crop Top


June 6, 2015