Are you Interview Ready?

When you are at the stage of life where it is time to get into your big girl job, job interviews are most important for landing that job you want or you need to succeed. I always take interviews very serious and make sure I am wearing the appropriate attire for my interview. You should all do the same.


So here are some fashion tips for an interview outfit head to toe:

1. When it comes to makeup many employers say don’t wear too much. I feel employers like to see the real you so if you cake your makeup on many¬†times they will just be to distracted by your makeup. Wear natural eye shadows and go light on the eyeliner. I personally wear my foundation, a little blush, a natural color eyeshadow, and mascara.

2.When it comes to wearing dresses or tank tops. The 3 finger width straps rule comes into effect. If your straps are to thin you should wear a cardigan.

3. Your outfit of choice can be cute and show a little of your figure, but not too much. Don’t wear a really tight dress that shows off every curve even if it is alright for the work environment. Make sure your top or top of your dress isn’t to low-cut. You still want to make a good first impression.

4.Make sure the length of your dress or skirt is appropriate. Right above the knee is safe.

5. Adding tights is perfect for interviews and shows a modest clean look.

6. WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES! This is huge. I heard this over and over again in all my college classes. Along with wearing¬†appropriate shoes, do not wear stilettos you can barely walk in. Flats and business heels are great. Work Patent Leather Solid Color Design Women’s Spring Pumps


Outfit Details:

Dress- Tommy Hilfiger / Similar- Short Sleeveless Striped Dress

Black Tights/ Women’s Tall and Petite 50 Denier Opaque Tights

Black Flats/ Similar- Flourish at the Fete Flat in Black


June 22, 2015
June 24, 2015