It’s Saturday

Oh my gosh I couldn’t have been more awkward in these photos I’m sharing with you now. I guess it wasn’t my day for pictures, but I’ll still share. I may not look the best in them, but sometimes I feel many bloggers get so wrapped up in the way they look they seem to forget about who they truly are. I don’t every want to forget who I really am. I want to let you know that I’ m not perfect, my hair has a mind of its own, and sometimes makeup is not an option because I don’t make time for it. I would rather get 10 more minutes of sleep than spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror and put on makeup. Who’s with me?

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I feel the most important part of waking up and getting started on my day is my outfit. If my outfit is cute, life is good. I will always pick my outfit out the night before so it is ready for me when I wake up. This will probably sound funny, but I get excited for the next day and wake up ready to jump into my outfit of the day (maybe you could try this if you haven’t already). I especially get super excited if I have a brand new outfit to show the world. In general new outfits make me happy.

My Crop Top/ Marshalls – One of this coolest things this crop top has to offer is a built-in shelf bra. Having the built-in shelf bra makes the crop top very comfy and secure because the crop top does have a very loose fit and if the wind took it in an upward position you would find yourself feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

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