Poured Myself a Cup Of Tea

I LOVE GREEN TEA! It is so good and beyond healthy for you on so many levels.

When doing some research and looking on Authority Nutrition I came across the healthy benefits of Green Tea.

  1. Green Tea contains various bioactive compounds that can improve health- Lose weight and lower your risk of becoming obese
  2. Can improve brain function
  3. Increases fat burning and improves physical performance
  4. It may lower your risk of various types of cancer
  5. May protect your brain in old age, and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  6. Kills bacteria
  7. Improves dental health
  8. Lowers your risk of infection
  9. May lower your risk of Type ll Diabetes
  10. May reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
  11. May decrease your risk of dying and help you live longer

Now just let all that knowledge sink in…. green tea is truly amazing. I try to drink green tea daily. It taste good hot or cold and I do what is most convenient for me.

My favorite Green Tea Brand is Yogi. It is an organic tea brand and is a brand I trust. You can find Yogi in just about any grocery store or look online.

My Favorite: Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life


They have so many to choose from.


May 23, 2015
May 25, 2015