Shredded Sweater


I must apologize, I have been gone for quite sometimes which is ok, but I know I’ve left some of you waiting and wondering what has happen. Thank you to the ones who have checked in on me. All I can say about it is, I’m doing wonderful and life is shifting in a wonderful way. There is more to be discussed at a later date.  🙂 Time, of course, is going way too fast. It has been hard for me to even keep up. Fall is already here. I can’t believe it.

Fall is the best season hands down. I’m not in love with fall because pumpkin spice lattes, black leggings, and UGG boots. I’m in love with fall because of the leaves falling on the ground and them crunching under my feet. I’m in love with fall, because the smell of burning leaves when I am taking a walk in the evening before the sun goes down. Growing up in a small town really made me appreciate this season, and it’s the main reason why I love it.

You also can’t go wrong with big cozy comfy sweaters. I feel my wardrobe will be growing in that department a lot this year. I’ve really enjoyed the neutral colors too. I think you can do so much with them.  This shredded sweater in particular is one of my favorites and is already sold out. I hope they get this one back in stock so you can snag one up yourself. The sweater is so flattering for a bigger sweater, and I loved how I pair my ripped jeans and darker nude heels. It’s hands down a super chic fall look anyone can sport.

I would really love to know what you are thinking about getting more of this fall. Is it booties, sweaters, scarves? I just purchased a new pair of booties that I’ll be sharing with all of you so soon. They are so cute I can’t stop wearing them. Some of you I’m sure saw them on my snap story a few days ago. So comfortable and the price is so right, and who isn’t looking for the perfect price? I’m trying to get into the neutrals and basics this year. You can’t go wrong with neutrals and basics and  I’ll start off with this sweater.

 As always, thank you for reading.


September 1, 2017
October 5, 2017



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    October 4, 2017

    Yay to all the good things about fall! I love watching the leaves change color, it’s so pretty. Speaking of pretty, how cute is your distressed sweater. It looks so comfy and a great neutral color too. I’m so obsessed with white booties. I need to get a pair, like now! lol

    xo, Jackie

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      October 5, 2017

      Oh my gosh, I know what you are talking about. They are so popular. I think I should get a pair myself.