Surplice Wrap Dress

There is something that is always lovely about a surplice wrap dress. I love the detailing of the top, and the venting that makes it all come together. Makes this dress both cute and sexy. This is one of those dresses that is supposed to make you look and feel good. For some I know this might be out of your comfort zone, but I think it is one you definitely need to try out. Even if it’s just your cover up for going to the pool.

The surplice wrap dress I’m wearing can be worn both casually or dressy. When it comes to dresses like this, I enjoy dressing them up. You just can’t go wrong with a little edge and class mixing together. When I wear a dress that is low cut, I love styling a bralette with the look to add some more fabric and make the outfit look better. I need more support than the smaller chested ladies.

My favorite part about thisĀ bralette would have to be the cute flowers that detail the fabric. This is the #1 reason I bought it. I also love that it is white, and white is a fabulous summer color. I think my favorite colors this summer are going to be white and pink, whether it is together in an outfit or separate. I just always find myself combining these two colors all the time.

Hopefully my closet still keeps the variety I want it to have. Pink is on serious closet take over, and I can’t let it happen. Pink is of course my favorite color (as you all know), but I love all the colors. As I’m sure you can see I am more of a fan of colors than neutrals. Sometimes I’ll pair a neutrals look together, but I mostly go for the fun colorful color palette. I just feel you can do so much more and be so creative when colors are involved. It gets even more fun and exciting when you get patterns and colors involved. That’s something I’ll be working on.

I have one friend that puts together combos I never thought would work, but she makes everything look amazing. This girl can wear a pink shirt and pair it with a lime green printed mini skirt and look amazing. I just have no clue the talents this girl has. I’ll figure out the equation soon enough. I’m hoping I can pull off the same looks, and not look crazy while doing it.

As always, thanks for reading.


June 13, 2017



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    June 18, 2017

    Oh my! You slay in this dress :O

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    June 18, 2017

    Wow u look really sexy in this dress. Ur body is hotttttt!! That last picture though…dang!! šŸ˜‰ lol Did u notice a lot of people staring at u when u wore this dress? lol Sorry u do look beautiful though. x x