Floral And Lace

  There is no better combination than “Floral and Lace”. The two together really make a beautiful and elegant combination that is good for any occasion. This past weekend was a fabulous one to say the least. I finally got to see my mother after not seeing her since Christmas. That was way to long. I hope to not go that long ever again. There is something about Moms that make any situation 20x better. It is hard to be apart, and in those times, FaceTime sure does help.

I have no clue what people did without any form of technology. Any long distance relationship had to be so much harder than it is for any of us in this day of age. I’m just happy I could chat with her up until the day I saw her again, and this weekend was a perfect weekend. What brought my mom and I together this past holiday weekend was a fabulous wedding. One of my mom’s good friends got married, and it was such a great experience to witness. I also got to see my beautiful mother be a bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid is always a fun time.

The wedding was beautiful, and you can really see how all of it can be very stressful. The weekend wasn’t over after the wedding though. They had a big cook out the day after to get everyone together once again, which I thought was such a great idea. It was a great way to thank everyone again for coming to their special day. It was also so great to see how many people supported them.

I did wear this super elegant, pink lace dress that I fell in love with as soon as I put it on. The style is so fun and I love how it fits. The lace detail is gorgeous and the color makes this dress look even more stunning. I needed the perfect dress to goes with these heels. I seriously had the worst time trying to find a dress to go with these adorable floral heels. They are so cute and you can pair so many color combinations with them.  At first I was on the hunt for a periwinkle colored dress. I did have luck finding periwinkle dresses, but none of them looked good on me. None of them were tight-fitting.

I’m short, so if I get something that isn’t tight-fitting, I’ll look a hot mess. In loose clothing, I just look like a baby wearing a cute little babydoll dress.I did find luck the day before I left though and got this cute dress. I only had 20 minutes before the mall closed, and I seriously accomplished it in 20 minutes. I’m happy it all worked out and it went with the heels so well.  I couldn’t have found a more adorable outfit in such a time crunch.

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May 23, 2017
June 9, 2017



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    May 31, 2017

    I adore this lace/floral look! You are so gorgeous! This lace dress is in blush (loving all the pink/blush you are wearing lately btw) is just stunning! I am glad you got to see your mom this past weekend!

    xoxo! Elise

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      June 2, 2017

      Thank you, Elise. I have been seeing all your pink to and I love it. Pink is totally my favorite color.

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    June 1, 2017

    You look amazing! The floral and lace detail is so pretty. I’m so happy that you and your mom got a visit in. It’s hard to be separate from family. I watched your instastories and it looked like you guys had so much. Hope you’re having a great week so far.

    xo, Jackie

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      June 2, 2017

      We sure did. I loved being back home. Wish I could of stayed longer. I’m going to make sure my Mom and I don’t go that many months without seeing each other again.

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    June 18, 2017

    U look amazing. Really pretty. So glad u got to see ur mum again too. x