My Nature Bags

I am really enjoying my Nature Bags. I’ve had these two bags for a few month now. I wanted to give them a try for a few months to see how they hold up and how they really work. I must say that I am very impressed, and I love that I can use them for about anything. They are a great bag to carry your groceries, and you could make it a purse if you wanted too.

The history behind Nature Bags will have you hooked and will make you want to carry them all the time.

Nature Bags are durable bags used for many reasons. I think it is so cool that these bags are handcrafted by Indigenous Khmer artisans. They harvest the vines from the jungle to create and spin the JungleVine fibers. JungleVine fiber is 100% sustainable, and grows naturally in the jungle without any chemicals. I think that is so fascinating too.

The Khmer artisans enjoy making these bags. Making the bags provides work for the artisans. They can work from home which can be so important when raising a family. Each bag is made by hand so not each back is the same.

Nature Bags are shared with the world by JungleVine Foundation. This is a nonprofit charitable organization. This program is to reduce poverty in Northern Laos and also helps preserve an ancient craft. It also helps limit global warming by promoting JungleVine natural fiber.

I think this is all very interesting, and I’m happy I get to learn about Nature Bags and share the wonderful information with you. The video is also very educational (end of blog post). Check out these wonderful bags designs and creations by clicking the link below.

Nature Bag


April 17, 2017



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    April 21, 2017

    That bag is the perfect summer bag and I love how it is for a good cause too!

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      April 21, 2017

      Thanks, Rach. It sure is for a good cause and I’l so happy I got the chance to learn about it.