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Sporty Spice

sportyspice sportyspice7 sportyspice1 Let me tell you how to add some Sporty Spice to your wardrobe. First, you will have to buy some super casual trendy kicks like these Adidas All-Stars (which I can’t get enough of) and wear a chic dress of any kind. I love mixing casual with dressy and as you can see the outcome is super chic and unique. Like… come on, was the really Sporty Spice ever a normally dressed kind of girl?

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5 Ways I Styled My Blanket Scarf

Let me ask you, what is your take on blanket scarves? I love blanket scarves so much and now that it is fall,  I can finally jump in on the awesome trend. I love them because 1.) they are cute, trend, and chic, and 2.) they keep me warm. It seems that I am always cold so having something a little extra is sure welcome to keep me warm.

The color of this scarf is super unique and really caught my eye so I knew it had to be mine. I love the orange, gray, and white plaid look that it creates. The first day I wore it people wouldn’t stop complementing me for it and asking where I got it. I love that I have styled this blanket scarf in 5 different ways and I hope you love how I styled it. If I were you I would keep reading to find out where I got this beautiful scarf.

Style 1: 5waysistyledmyblacketscarf

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Smile Brilliant Review

Let me tell you, Smile Brilliant is one amazing teeth whitening company, and I can’t get enough of it. I never thought of how awkward it would be to take photos of your teeth. SO AWKWARD but I am loving this teeth whitening kit and the results. After wearing my custom fit trays with the teeth whitening gel for 45minutes just 1 time, my teeth become so much whiter. smilebrilliantreview9 smilebrilliantreview5 There are two steps to the teeth whitening process. 1.) The teeth whitening gel which can be worn for 45minutes or longer and 2.) being the desensitizing gel to prevent tooth sensitivity which can be worn for 15 minutes. smilebrilliantreview1 smilebrilliant6 smilebrilliantreview0 You are going to love the results. Keep reading this post and see my before and after photos after just one use. Continue Reading

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Piece of Elegance

To feel beautiful, classy, and elegant is important for everyone. I hope you have felt this sense of beauty in some way before. It is important to carry a piece of elegance along with us everyday. To have elegance means to have integrity, and integrity means to have strength.  So why not show a little elegance in what you wear and how you wear it? pieceofelegance1 pieceofelegance5 pieceofelegance7 This blazer dress from Tobi is classy and elegant all in one. There is both masculine and feminine qualities in this look, and it never looked so good. This is the first blazer dress I have ever had, and seriously it will never go out of style. Doesn’t it just seem so classic? The length of this dress is perfect and the slit in the front is risque. Risque and classy are a great mix, don’t you think? Continue Reading

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The Ultimate Fall Bodycon Dress

theultimatefallbodycondress8 theultimatefallbodycondress1 theultimatefallbodycondress3 Hey all you beautiful people.  Life has been crazy for me the past couple weeks with my move and getting used to my new job. I have had some bumps in the road, but I know that everything is going to be alright, and I am getting super comfortable with my new beginning. There is something about new beginnings that are fun and exciting. I guess I don’t really know what chapter I’m on in my book or if it is an exciting chapter or not, but what I do know is this chapter I’m writing and creating right now has to be good.

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OOTD with Tobi

ootdwithtobi1 ootdwithtobi2 ootdwithtobi3

ootdwithtobi5 I am all about my OOTD (outfit of the day) outfit with my new asymmetrical jacket from Tobi. Let me tell you, this jacket is perfect. What made me really like this jacket was the color, and the design. I love that it is a loose fit, the draw strings in the front and back around the lower thigh are so creative and unique.  This asymmetrical zipper is just too creative, and when you add the hood it makes it even more fabulous. Continue Reading

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OTK Boot Obsession Overload

Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography otkbootobsessionoverload13 otkbootobsessionoverload9

So guys, I have an OTK Boot Obsession Overload and plan to grow my obsession really soon. I am looking for a gray heeled pair, because, lets face it, gray is one amazing color to wear during the cooler months. Now that I have a new job, which is in shoes, you can only imagine how my fall fashion love has grown. I am also looking for some OTK boots with no heel. They are styling them so different this year, and I am totally ok with that.

So, as of right now, I want a pair in every trendy color heeled or non-heeled that is out there at an affordable price. I am loving my Steve Madden Gorgeous OTK boots that I purchased last year at a fabulous price, but they are back again this year and the price is high again. The only problem is OTK boots can really add up, so it is up to me to find the best price and selection to make my OTK boot obsession dreams come true for me and for you. otkbootobsessionoverload5 otkbootobsessionoverload2 All boots under $90 that you need (other colors available when clicking the photo of the boot you love) <3

Outfit details will be shared later in this post.

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Three Ways To Style A Horizontal Striped Shirt

Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography

threewaystostyleastripedshirt I’m sure you are all needing some extra help with styling your striped shirts this fall, because lets face it; horizontal stripes are not very flattering. They somehow make you look wider than you actually are and never look good with what you are pairing them with. I am heard to tell you- if you have that problem, you are wearing them wrong.

You have to work the shirt. Don’t let the shirt work you. I have ‘Three Ways to Style a Horizontal Striped Shirt’, that you are going to love. First step of advice is: don’t style with a belt. threewaystostyleastripedshirt7

#1. Don’t Style with a Belt.

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Forever An Iowa State Cyclone

Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography foreveraniowastatecyclone2

Since graduating from Iowa State University May 2015, I can’t hide that I miss it every day, and I am “Forever An Iowa State Cyclone”. Some days I wish I could repeat the process all over again. School was awesome, and I accomplished so much while attending college there. There is not one thing I did not like about Iowa State. The campus is beautiful (especially during the fall) and I would always feel so safe. Everyone is friendly (it’s an Iowa thing) and I never felt out of place. foreveraniowastatecyclone3 foreveraniowastatecyclone0 I don’t think many of us think about how we will miss school once it is over. I used to thing all the time “I can’t wait for this to be over; college is way to stressful”, and there is some major truth to that. College is very stressful and prepares you for challenges that will come your way at the time, and also  come your way as an adult. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. I was ready for the real world as much as any new graduate. I was excited, scared, and had so many more emotions happening at one time. I was just waiting for your first big step towards your main goal. I can say that I am not anywhere close to my main goal, but I just have to keep working and I will reach it in time.

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Zaful Love

Photography: Karen Stauffer Photography zafullove zafullove0 zafullove00

Zaful has my heart tangled all up, and in a good way. I seriously love their website for many reasons. One reason being that the prices are amazing, the quality is great, and the fashion is so trendy. There is so much to shop. It is hard to control myself when shopping their many categories. Anyone else have this problem with Zaful? I have to be completely honest with you, it is super easy to get many items for a wonderful price a Zaful. I received this cardigan, necklace, crossbody bag, and my fabulous sunglasses all for under $50. Not even joking, such a wonderful deal.  zafullove6 These shades are so stunning in person. What do you think from the photos?

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