• Less Is More

    January 10, 2018

    When it comes to “things”, less is more. Nothing can come between me and a good winter coat that I can have for years….

  • Upbra Review

    January 2, 2018

    When I say these bras are amazing, I mean it. I am so in love with how this bra fits, looks, and feels. At…

  • Sparkles

    December 29, 2017

    Here are some photos of me wearing sparkles on my feet before the snow hit the ground. We had our first snow fall the…

  • Lounge or Workout

    December 11, 2017

    This look is either lounge or workout, and these days I’m going more for lounge. Guys, it’s so cold out, and I’m so not…

  • Being Thankful

    November 23, 2017

    Being thankful is all you need to be everyday, every month, and every year.  I have a list of things which I’m thankful for,…

  • Grey Gray

    November 20, 2017

    The big question: Is it Grey or Gray? Gosh, will we ever know? I’m afraid not. It’s just one of those words where you…

  • Chuda Skin Care

    November 16, 2017

    Skincare is so important and something I need to get more into as I get older. I love skin moisturizer; I just don’t use…

  • Neutrals In Nature

    October 23, 2017

    I know many people are fans of neutral colors, and love to wear them. I’m more into the colorful clothing, but I am starting…

  • Flowers In The Fall

    October 16, 2017

    Beautiful flowers in the fall and I’m wearing white after Labor Day. Whoops 🙂 White looks good no matter the season I think. Why…